Using Candles

Candles can be used to aid in virtually any ritual, spell, celebration, divination, meditation, etc. White candles can be used for anything, but it and other colors have specific uses as well. Below are correspondences for each color. Red The element Fire, sexual matters, strength, drive, determination Orange Success, business, legal matters Yellow The sun,... Continue Reading →



Hummingbirds are beautiful busy little creatures. If you start to see more in your life you might feel that it's a sign that you need to make some quick moves pretty soon, and this may certainly be the case. However, there is more to the hummingbird than that. For starters, the hummingbird may be trying... Continue Reading →


This plant is associated with the element Air and Euphrosyne, the Greek goddess of merriment and joy. As the name suggests, Eyebright is mainly used for matters of sight. When used before bedtime it can help you to remember your dreams and be able to see any messages for you more clearly. This ability makes... Continue Reading →

Astragalomancy: Divination by Dice

Check out this article by Jack of Wands Tarot to learn about a great form of divination!

Jack of Wands Tarot

Every now and then, I get it in my head that I want to try a new divination system. I always come back to Tarot—Tarot is what feels like home—but I like to develop competence in a wide range of divinatory methods. I have varying degrees of success; I never got off-book with Lenormand and I’m absolute crap at reading runes, but I’m decent at bibliomancy and (if I do say so myself) rather good at geomancy. Just last week I did tasseography readings for some friends.

The most recent form of divination that I decided to teach myself is astragalomancy (divination with dice). It’s a form of sortilege, like many (many) other techniques. The idea is fairly simple: You pre-set a divinatory meaning for each possible number in a dice roll. Then, you roll a certain number of dice and interpret the number(s) that turn up—either…

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Tarot Tuesday: Ten of Wands

The Rider-Waite Deck On the Ten of Wands card we can see a man carrying the wands with what appears to be some difficulty. He's barely keeping the wands off the ground and has resorted to literally using his head to help keep them balanced. Drawing this card means that you've taken on or been... Continue Reading →

Yellow Jasper

I feel like it's been too long since I've talked about a jasper, so here we are again! Today's post is on Yellow Jasper, or Golden Jasper depending on who you ask. Since it is a jasper, it has grounding and emotional balancing properties. In addition, Yellow Jasper is associated with the Sun and is... Continue Reading →


I'm sure cat owners are very familiar with this minty plant. Catnip is associated with the element Water and, as the name suggests, deities associated with cats, like Bast and Freya. Just as your furry friend finds this herb hard to resist, it it often used in love spells to imbue the caster with similar... Continue Reading →

Amulets vs. Talismans

Amulets and talismans have been worn by pretty much every single culture, race, or religion up to date. While these terms might be used interchangeably, amulets and talismans have two different uses. An amulet is worn to protect. It could be from evil, bad luck, defeat, loss of money, etc. Whatever it may be, the... Continue Reading →

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